About us

Planetarium of Crete was founded in 2014.

Our main goal is is to spread the ancient science of Astronomy in Crete with an educational, innovative and a very fun way. We own some of the biggest amateur telescopes in Greece and our very well trained staff can give you the whole sky in your plate.

We can arrange telescope guided tours all over Crete and our very well trained staff can travel your mind and spirit million light years away. Villas are perfect for such star parties because they usually are away from light pollution where stars shine! Feel free to contact us for more information.



Manos Tsikalas is an IT graduate with an extra pedagogical training from the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education of Greek University. His biggest passion is the science of Astronomy and Cosmology.

He has been actively involved in amateur astronomy since 2007. He has already written three books about deep sky observation, he has organized many educational starry nights and has trained many amateur astronomers over the years.

He also owns one of the biggest amateur telescopes in Greece, a handmade sixteen inch dobsonian telescope through which he can show you many objects like planets, stars and many others outside our solar system.


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