Full Dome Movies

Captain Snoopy and the space travel

(Duration 34 minutes – For adults and children 5+)

“Close seat belts, start explanation module, ignite engines – no one is as fast as us!” It’s about a fast space journey! The good-natured dog-like Captain Schnuppe visits the planets of our solar system with his syper intelligent spaceship Argo. He is accompanied by Sergeant Tuk, who brings the two, through his clumsy nature, always in trouble.

The program is a production of the public observatory Laupheim e.V. For the development of the story, we succeeded in winning the children’s book author Martin Klein, the well-known illustrator Jochen Stuhrmann drew the figures.

Production: Planetarium Laupheim

Available in 2 languages: Greek, German

Επιστροφή στη Σελήνη για πάντα

(Duration 25 minutes – For adults and children 10+)

In case you haven’t heard, the Moon is trending again… and in a big way. Like in the glory days of the 1960s and 1970s, our big white space neighbor is enjoying the attention of lunar explorers. Only this time, they’re going back to the moon for good.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE full-dome planetarium show Back To The Moon For Good chronicles teams around the world competing for the largest incentivized prize in history, by landing a robotic spacecraft on the Moon for the first time in more than 40 years.

To win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a team must land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon, navigate 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send video, images and data back to Earth. This global competition is designed to spark imagination and inspire a renewed commitment to space exploration, not by governments or countries – but by the citizens of the world.

he show opens with the first era of space exploration in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We see what that era of landers and orbiters taught us about our nearest neighbor including the discovery of the Moon’s origin, composition, structure and the accessibility of raw materials on its surface.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE is introduced as the largest incentivized competition to date, designed to democratize space and create new opportunities for eventual human and robotic presence on the Moon. We see the engineering and innovation steps taken by the internationally distributed teams competing to land a spacecraft on the Moon and vie for additional prizes. We highlight the human spirit of competition and collaboration as teams take on this audacious challenge.

Who will win the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE? The audience is taken through a successful launch, landing and lunar surface travel. The show ends with a stunning glimpse of a plausible scenario for our future on the Moon.

Produced by: NSC Creative

Available in 10 languages: Greek, English, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Czech

2 small pieces of glass

(Duration 23 minutes – For adults and children 10+)

This planetarium show is a 2009 International Year of Astronomy History of the Telescope project. While attending a local star party, two teenagers learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Their conversation with a local female astronomer enlightens them on the history of the telescope and the discoveries these wonderful tools have made. The students see how telescopes work and how the largest observatories in the world use these instruments to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Produced by: Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai’i / Interstellar Studios / Carnegie Science Center

Available in 7 languages: Greek, English, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, Russian

From Earth to the Universe

(Duration 32 minutes – For adults and children 10+)

This stunning, 30-minute voyage through time and space conveys, through an arresting combination of sights and sounds, the Universe revealed to us by science. The show was produced for the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre, to be opened in spring 2018, and for the worldwide planetarium community as free highres 4k download.

Directed by: Theofanis Matsopoulos

3D Animations and Graphics: Theofanis Matsopoulos, Luis Calçada & Martin Kornmesser

Producer: Theofanis Matsopoulos & European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Planetarium Production: Theofanis Matsopoulos

Executive Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen

Script and Scientific Advice: Nicolas Matsopoulos, Lars Lindberg Christensen & Anne Rhodes

Main Title Designer: Luis Calçada

Narration: Sara Mendes Da Costa

Audio Mix: Theofanis Matsopoulos

Available in 18 languages: Greek, English, German, Czech, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Korean, Romanian, Vietnamese

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